EDV 2019 | Diversity Visa Lottery How to Register

As you know the registratiin or the DV Lottery 2019 is now open and will be available till november7th 2017.

There are millions of people applying for this DV but only handfull of us will be selected, you can also apply the DV Lottery if you fulfill the requirements.

EDV 2019 | Diversity Visa Lottery How to Register

What are requirements?

You can apply for DV either with your Education Certificate or Work Experience Certificate.

  1. 12th passor more for education
  2. Work Expreience of 2 yeras within 5 years.
These are simple.

How to apply?

  1.  Visit dvlottery.state.gov
  2. Fill up áll the form, easy to fill use accurate information ( use Citizenship or Passport information)
  3. Image, they will ask you an image you need to provide the image very carefull as they are asking. Use prefessional help for it.
  4. They will give you a confirmation number keep it safe.
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